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Image by Jeremy Bishop

Meet Your Provider:
Jessica Culver, FNP

"I believe in informed healthcare and that my clients are the experts on their own health and well-being. I offer comprehensive care for the whole family. I also work in collaboration with other therapies to bring an integrated approach to health. Your visit begins with a long conversation in the consultation room focused on your goals for health and what you are experiencing in your body. All exams are performed with trauma-informed techniques. My deepest desire is for you to leave your visit feeling heard, respected, and cared for."

Laura-Memphis, TN

"...the best medical practitioner I've ever had. I've never had another doctor or nurse prac who listens like Jessica. She empowers me to listen to my body and teaches me to understand its needs. Every problem visit with her feels like a team effort to get me the care and treatment I deserve. Her wholistic approach has changed my life and helped me improve my physical and mental health."
Shannon-Memphis, TN 
"Jessica is a breath of fresh air, and I am so thrilled I found her. She pays great attention to each of her patients, asking lots of questions and digging into the root of problems. Her functional approach helps looks at each issue as a whole, working to find the root cause instead of just treating symptoms. Her open door policy and easygoing personality are comforting, and I know I can always count on her and trust her to set me on the right path. Highly recommend."

Stacy-Hernando, MS

"This One Woman show was exactly what I was looking for in a PCP. At my previous PCP I would see 2-3 people before the doctor even spoke with me. There would be one asking questions and one checking blood pressure, temp, etc all at the same time; I questioned how much my doctor remembered just by a glance at the computer with all this updated info. With Jessica, she asked all of the questions and took all of the notes, she HEARD what I said. She did it ALL herself, even blood pressure, temp, draw blood for labs, etc. I never felt rushed to finish asking my questions and she addressed everything I asked."
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