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Accepted Insurances for Primary Care

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (excluding BlueCare)

  • Aetna

  • United Healthcare (excluding Community Care Plan)

  • Cigna (excluding Cigna Connect; Cigna SureFit)

  • UMR

Your health and wellness are our priority. Our financial policy allows us to provide you with access to the best treatment available, and does not limit your healthcare to what is covered by your health insurance policy.

We ask for your co-pay/co-insurance at the time of your visit. We accept debit or credit card. We will also provide assistance utilizing your Health Savings Account or Flex Spending Account to maximize tax benefits without high out-of-pocket costs.

About Health Insurance for Functional Medicine

Our staff is experienced with health insurance, and although functional medicine services are a self-pay, we will help you maximize your benefits. Some of the procedures and treatments we offer may be covered by your health insurance at your out-of-network benefits rate. We will be happy to provide you with the proper documentation and billing necessary for you to self-submit  to your carrier for reimbursement. We work with many specialty lab companies, and will utilize insurance for lab tests. Since all insurance plans are different, we encourage you to proactively contact your carrier to verify your own out-of-network benefits.


How does reimbursement work?

You will pay for your visit or treatment at the time of service. Our staff will prepare the necessary forms, including pertinent documentation and billing codes, for you to submit to your health insurance provider for possible reimbursement, depending on your insurance plan.

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